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Chitra Vichitra Fair

Chitra Vichitra Fair

Chitra Vichitra Fair celebrated after Holi festival and is attended by large number of tourists and locals from all over globe. Also this fair is considered as the largest tribal fair. In village of Gunbhakhari and in district Sabarkanta of Gujarat, this ChitraVichitra fair is organized. A large number of Garasia and Bhills tribal people visit this region in order to enjoy and celebrate it with great glory. These all people reside in the neighboring regions of Gunbhakhari village. Even many people living close to Sabarkanat district make plan to visit this village in order to participate in the ChitraVichitra Fair.


The tribal people of Gujarat consider ChitraVichitra fair as one of the most striking fair of Gujarat. It is a colorful celebration where people are dressed in tribal costumes and present the Bhills culture. The tribal women are seen at the river in order to mourn for their near and dear departed ones. Numbers of people are dressed in tribal costumes and in their beautiful traditional accessories in order to attend the fair. Men are seen wearing dhoti and saffron or red turban, blue shirt whereas women dress themselves in ghagharas and are adorned in exquisite jewelry of silver from head till toe. Lively dance performances are carried out by the people. They even carry their own drums and create vibrant and colorful atmosphere with the incessant beat of their countless drums.

ChitraVichitra is a colorful vibrant celebration that is carried out at ChitraVichitra temple. This temple is located at a place where Vakar, Aakar and Saraswati Rivers meet. In this festival it has a belief that tribal people celebrate it in order to find a perfect spouse for them. A fair number of stalls can be seen in the fair display. These stalls hold the best of rural handicrafts and even exclusive silver jewelry too. Tourists or devotees visiting this fair will come across the breathtaking performances. All these deeds are carried out by the jugglers that add attraction to the fair.


The name of the fair is derived from two brothers Chitravirya and Vichitravirya, sons of King Shantanu, and step brothers of Bhishma, from the story of the Mahabharata. There is a belief that they had settled here and were cured of their diseases by the waters of this site.

Tourists Essential

Tourists willing to have a look about the lifestyle, customs and traditions of rural people of Gujarat can visit at ChitraVichitra Fair that represents a perfect outlook of their rituals and beliefs. Apart from enjoying in the tribal fair one can also spend marvelous time at Khed Brahma that is 30kms far from the village and it inhabits a well known ancient temple of Brahma. Tourists can even slide down at other nearby destinations such as at Mehsana and Ahmedabad that also lie close to this ChitraVichitra temple.

Things to Do

This fair is also a great opportunity for tribal men to meet prospective partners for marriage. Numerous couples have been known to elope directly from the fair site.Tourists visiting this fair can even explore its magnificent temple that can be worshiped and resides near three rivers that are Akul, Sabarmati and Vyakul. In this fair people are found dressed in beautiful attires and they display their traditional customs too. There are plenty of options to enjoy when visiting this ChitraVichitra Fair. Arrivals can spend some religious moments and pray to their lords at various old aged temples. Also they can participate in various tribal customs and traditions. Shopping of silver ornaments and tribal and rural handicrafts can also be done at ChitraVichitra fair.

How to Reach

ChaitraVichitra is a well known tribal fair that is celebrated with great pomp and show at Gujarat state of India. The Sabarkantha district lies close to Rajasthan state and adjoins the border area of Gunbhakhari village. Tourists or devotees can easily travel at this Gunbhakhari village as it is liked with railway station. The nearest railway head is located at Khed Brahma at a distance of 32kms. The picturesque site of the temple is situated at TriveniSangam. This TriveniSangam is considered as a sacred confluence of three rivers and even at the amid of the foothills of Aravalis. One can easily locate at this village as many state and local buses run from various districts of Gujarat and serve way for ChitraVichitra temple that celebrates the fair.