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Dilip Parikh

Dilip Parikh

Dilip Ramanbhai Parikh is an Indian politician. He served as the 13th Chief Minister of Gujarat from 28 October 1997 to 4 March 1998.

He was an economics graduate from Elphinstone College, Mumbai. He was an industrialist in plastics business. He served as a president of Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 1990s

Political Career :

In 1990, he came in the contact of Shankersinh Vaghela. He contested 1995 Gujarat assembly election on candidature of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). BJP won majority and formed government headed by Keshubhai Patel.

In 1996, when Vaghela revolted and split BJP and formed Rashtriya Janata Party, he joined it. RJP formed minority government with support of Indian National Congress (INC) and Vaghela took oath as a Chief Minister. A year later lNC threatened to withdrew its support on 20 October 1997. A week later the compromise was reached as a change of Chief Minister. Vaghela stepped down and Parikh sworn in as a Chief Minister by governor Krishnapal Singh in 1997.

In 182 members Gujarat Legislative Assembly, there were only 46 RJP members while there were 44 INC, 76 BJP and 15 Independents members. Thus minority government by outside support of INC resulted in instability.[1] He submitted his resignation to Gujarat Governor Krishnapal Singh and called for fresh assembly election on 5 January 1998 but continued as a caretaker Chief Minister till 4 March 1998.[2] He lost to the BJP's Bharat Pandya in Dhandhuka by a margin of over 15000 votes in 1998 assembly election while RJP won only four seats. BJP regained power with 117 seats out of 182 seats assembly.