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Vechaar Utensil Museum

Vechaar Utensil Museum

Vechhar Utensil Museum


Vishalla prides itself on its presentation of Indian culture and tradition in its village-like environment with its museum of old utensils known as Veechar. The museum found its way into Vishalla three years after Vishalla was itself started, on 27 April 1981. Veechar is the only museum of its kind in the world, displaying such a precious collection of utensils. The designer of Vishalla, Mr. Patel, shares his success in the establishment of Veechar with Mr.Jyontindra Jain, a well-known anthropologist. Mr. Jain fully supported and guided the cause and eventually helped in setting up the museum itself. His passion for the cause was so deep that his good work did not stop at that; he wrote catalogs for the museum himself.

A walk around the hut-like museum makes one's heart skip a beat, marveling at the inimitable beauty of these utensils of old. These utensils have been handed down through the changing seasons and times, over the years. They speak of the unmatched art and genius of humankind during the days of old when people did not have the modern facilities of our times. The designer could not let our rich heritage pass with these vessels being lost in the fire kilns! He was determined to preserve them, and today, his dream is a reality in the form of Veechar.



The birth of Veechar is very much related to Vishalla. After three years of Vishalla, i.e. in the year 1981, the interior designer and owner of Vishalla. Mr.Surendra C. Patel, went to Saurashtra’, a part of Gujarat, in search of old utensils to give an ethnic touch to the place. There he came across craftsmen who were melting brass utensils to sell and get its worth. The sensitive designer was moved by this incident. He felt and understood what we were losing in the process our heritage, creative work revealing the brilliance of human skills, the wonder of man's creativity! Mr.Jyontindra Jain was one of his acquaintances and friend. The idea struck to consult the matter with him, as who else could give better advice on the matter! The step was well taken, as the idea was more than welcomed by Mr. Jain. Their dedication and sincere efforts is standing in the form of VEECHAR (Charitable Trust) before us. It is a public charitable trust, and all heartfelt aid, in terms of donation or your personal contribution of vessels to add to the museum's growth, is most welcome.



The museum maintains a consistent touch with the design of Vishalla, and gives a village like feeling. There are no sentries standing with guns at the threshold of the museum. A simple, muddy lane takes you to Veechar and ends in front of a large hut like building. The architecture of the hut-like museum building is quadrangular in a shape. It is mud plastered all over, like hut. There are four small water bodies in the centre of the museum, which gives a cooling effect to the whole atmosphere. At the centre of these water bodies is a small temple of Lord Shiva. One more distinguishing characteristic of Veechar is that unlike other museums were the items are kept shielded in some case, here it is put openly. This is consistent with the barrier-free theme of Vishalla.

Visiting Hour and Entry Fees


The museum embarks its uniqueness all the more through its uniqueness all the more through its easy and all-time access. It opens at 3:00 pm to 10:30 in the night. Entry on the donation of Rs. 20 for adult, Rs. 10 for child (3-11 years) and Rs. 50 for the foreigner.