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Fairs and Festivals

Fairs and Festivals


Gujarat could well be termed the 'Land of Festivals and Fairs' with almost 3,500 of them being celebrated in different parts of the state every year. Like elsewhere in India, the festivals and fairs of Gujarat revolve around an occasion - be it the turn of a season, the time for harvesting a golden field, or a religious event from India's extensive and rich mythological traditions.

What's more, these fairs and festivals, governed by the solar and lunar calendars of old world astrology, offer the visitor an excellent opportunity to experience the diverse cultural and religious identity of the people of Gujarat.

Gujarat has always been known for its splendid and evocative festivals. An estimated two thousand festivals are celebrated every year in Gujarat. More than two hundred of these are unforgettable occasions that attract tens of thousands of people. Though rooted in religion and mythology, these celebrations centreing around gods and goddesses are truly secular socials in which people of all faiths participate.

Nearly 3,500 small and big fairs and festivals are celebrated in Gujarat every year. They are mostly organised during the change of season. Festivals apart, even the fairs have a backdrop of some relegious day or association. These are mostly held in the vast open expanse. River sides, sea shores, sacred ponds, hills, reservoirs and confluences of rivers. Fairs are held on the full moon day. The cool bluish yellow light of the full moon floating in the sky and its reflection causing shimmers on the ripples of the river adds to the charm and enhances the beauty of the landscape.


Christmas Diwali Ganesh Utsav
Holi Navratri Uttarayan
Ramzan Rath Yatra Raksha Bandhan



Bhavnath Dharang Madhavpur
Narsinghji Ravechi Tarnetar No Melo
Bhadra Purnima Chitra Vichitra Fair Dang Darbar's Fair
Kutch - Rann Utsav Shamlaji Fair Somnath Fair
Vautha Fair