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Gram Vikas



53% of citizens of Gujarat State lives in Villages. Villages are small but very important part of Indian Economy and Democracy. A state built when such many small villages comes together and a country built by such states. So that we can say that a country or state will be as its villages are. Mahatma Gandhi gives a quote for making a rich nation, “If you want to make a rich and strong nation, you have to develop the villages of your nation”. Government of Gujarat State prove this with the help of many yojanas

In Gujarat the person who lives in the village has almost all the facilities as the person gets who lives in the city. State government brings the many precious changes in their life. Compare to the other states villages, villages in Gujarat state have more and better basic facilities. Nowadays, Gujarat’s villages are connecting with the not only by the nearest cities but also with the whole world with the wifi facility. This shows that, Gujarat shows a new way to the world by its efforts. Government of Gujarat focuses on the total development of the villages. Under the tag line, “Suvidha Shaherni, Aatma Gamdano” (Facilities are of City, Soul of Village) government of the Gujarat develop a well-built plan and change the face of the villages. With the help of facilities and making rural economy strong, government of Gujarat built such condition where villages can help nation or state in the development. Till now all were talking about the total development of the villages, but our former chief minister and Prime Minister shri Narendra Modi focuses on the development of the villages and the Chief Minister of the Vibrant Gujarat Shrimati Anandiben Patel continue this development and make its progress fastest. The basic structural facilities are available today in even the smallest villages of the Gujarat.

In the starting of the 21st century, former Chief Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi decided to change the situation of the villages. He started the RUBARN (Rural + Urban) Yojana for the village who gets the same facilities which are available in the city. Because of this yojana villages also get all the basic facilities like the cities. Under the RUBARN yojana state government has decided to serve poor people. With this yojana they provide jobs, education and health to the rural areas. Due to these, migration of the villagers to the city decreased. At one hand villages become more prosperous and other hand, by the Krushi Mahotsav farmers get educated about the new techniques about the farming and also provide the irrigation and electricity. Due to this Gujarat achieved 11% growth rate in the farming field.

Chief Minister Anandiben Patel did good planning to fulfil the swachhata abhiyan started by honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for making our country clean till the Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th Birth anniversary in 2019. As the part of it Gujarat government passed 908,320 toilets in the rural area, among them 350,253 toilets has been made at the 126 carore cost. Prime minister also increased the B.P.L. toilet fund and make it 12000 among them rs 9000 is from central ministry and rs 3000 is from the state government. For making Swachchhata Abhiyan more effective chief minister smt. Anandiben Patel announced help of rs 4000 instead of rs 2000 for B.P.L. toilets.

They make building toilet compulsory for making swachchhata abhiyan strong in the state. For this, 1367 villages which have 5000 plus population get 2 rs per month per person and according to that they give 18 carore and 1027 villages’ sarpanches arrange for taking waste from the every house. Chief Minister has arranged grant of rs. 36 carore so that 4800 villages which population are from 2001 to 5000 gets rs 2 per person every month and with it government planned to help 2.25 carore villagers by providing rs. 4.50 crore every month. In the current year state government has given total rs 81000 carore for making toilets and the Panchayat department has given rs. 105.60 carore for their cleanliness work.

State government put many Yojanas in action for helping poor people. By arranging 1225 Garib Kalyan Mela, state government assure that the poor and the needy people get the direct benefits of all such Yojanas. By this 89.48 lakhs poor people gets total 13388.50 carore money directly in their hand. In the year 2014-15 10.27 lakh needy people gets total 1383 carore in 127 Garib Kalyan Mela.

Gujarat government has been started Mission Mangalam Yojana, for women empowerment program so that they can help economically by working from the house with doing household works. By this, more than 232,000 Sakhi Mandals are activated with the more than 25 lakhs members in Gujarat. This volunteer groups have been granted rs 242 carore savings, rs. 1255 carore bank cash credit, and rs 183 carore revolving fund. These groups do more than 1680 carore economical transactions, which are proud of Gujarat’s women. There are planning for 19000 new volunteer groups from the upcoming time.

Gujarat government also started Gokul Gram, Samras Gram, Tirth Gram, Vishwa Gram, Jyoti Gram, Paawan Gram and many more other Yojanas for build peace in the villages, increase family values. We can see the equality and the peaceful environment during the election time in the Gujarat Villages by following “only discussion without argument” statement. Resulting of it there are 931 – Tirth Gram where there is no single crime has been recorded among last 5 years, there are 282 – Paawan Gram where no crime in last 3 years. Gujarat Government gives rs. 8.65 carore as a price money for encouragement.

Accepting Gujarat government driven “Shyama Prasad Mukharji Rubarn Yojana” as a Gujarat Model, Indian Government announced this Yojana all over the India for providing all facilities in the Village. Which is a very proud moment for the Gujarat. For making the villages samras, they make total 11083 gram panchayat samras among them 392 gram panchayat announced as Mahila samras gram panchayat. For that rs 148.30 grant has been passed till now. Samras Gram Yojana has been started for increasing socialism in the villages. Peaceful and Safe environment created in the villages due to such Yojanas. Gujarat government encourages people by giving Best Gram Panchayat Award to the village who work best.

Under the leadership of the first lady chief minister of this state smt. Anandiben Patel,
Gujarat government take the historical decision to increase the women provision upto 50% instead of 30% in gram panchayat, taluka panachayat, and jilla panchayat.

Gujarat government has started the E-VishwaGram Yojana, so that technical awareness increased in the villages. Gujarat is the only state in the country in which 100% computerization has been done in 13685 villages under this Yojana.All the Talati and Mantri have been given all technical khowledge of the E-Gram software. Due to the E-Gram Vishwa Gram Software villagers get latest facilities and help in all the government work at their doorstep. Every villages get the facility of the broadband. Because of it, people can easily get form 7-12 and 8-A, Income proof, character certification, jobwork, results of standard 10 – 12, Birth – Death Certificate, Cast Certificate, Electricity bill, Rate of A.P.M.C. Market and other request forms of other departments. Using E-Gram government provide many facilities to the E-Gram centres for the fastest results. For this, they spend rs. 55 carore in the year 2014-15. Villages will get the wifi facility in upcoming year, and for that provision of rs 2 carore is made as a pilot project and for year 2015-16 provision is of rs 82000 carore.

All things are same like, Administrative Mnagement, Government Offices, Facilities and Resources, still Chief Minister Smt. Anandiben Patel brings the priceless change and become a part and provide inspiration in the development of the villagers. Due to these revolutionary new Yojanas rural economy become strong and rural people gets all facilities same as the urban people.