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Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

Women of the Jay gurudev sakhi mandal, Village vav, taluka Jambughoda, district Panchahal, earn more than 1 lakh as a benefit. Chief of this group smt. Kokilaben Bariya Says, “poor class women did work in the farms and household work for the live, due to sakhi mandal, we get loan and started independent business. Women members become independent and they received pride in their social circle.” She is sright, state government took many steps for empowerment of women. Chief Minister Anandiben Patel says without development of women, development of the state is not possible. And therefore in the leadership of Chief Minister Smt. Aanandiben Patel state government started movement for women empowerment and that show a new way to the country about the women empowerment.

Gujarat become first state in India who make plan for the women empowerment and put it in action. Former Chief Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi understand the importance of the women prosperity and create new department for betterment of women and children. In the leadership of the Chief Minister Smt. Anandiben Patel, state government shows the determination towards women empowerment and made the 2014-15 budget focusing on women means gender budget. Because of that women empowerment policies can be more efficient. Such a way in thebudget of year 2015-16 the movement of the women empowerment increased and for it 593 yojanas included in the budget among which 132 yojanas are 100% person for only women. Last year rs 1999 carore provision made for these Yojanas. While it is increased and make provision of rs 2075. It shows state government gives how much importance to the women empowerment.

State government introduced different Yojanas for the different women. To achieve the goal of 100% girl education vidhyalakmi bond, free education for girl child, to decrease the death ratio of mother and child introduced chiranjivi yojana, to defeat the malnutrition problem of women introduced Sabala Yojana, Free grain help for the lower cast girl child parents, support centre for the women in the police station, giving priority to the women courts and women help state government started 181 women helpline.

For making the women economically independent state government took many steps. Mainly, Gujarat government make 33% reservation for women in all cadre like police department etc for women awareness and they get proper chances in jobs. Not only that they increased the reservation upto 50% from 33%.

State government also take care of the women’s safety. And for that they started Suraksha Setu Yojana in the State and provide the education to save their selves by themselves. Under Suraksha Setu Yojana, 15 thousands rural women commission created.

Today, due to Mission Mangalam Yojana, more than 26 lakhs women of Gujarat do business of rs. 1700 carore by creating 2.5 lakhs Sakhi Mandals, not only that families become more economically strong due to women’s economic independence. Under Mission Mangalam, 10000 new women groups are created in last year and for their health check-up and against the goal of revolving planning 29146 groups have been created. Doing 3 times more work than the original goal is become the efficacy of the Vibrant Gujarat.

State government started the special movement for making the lower cast women economically independent. And as per the part of that 10490 cattle keeper women get help in one last year. Like this, 154 women driven rural Milk Production co-operative groups got help to make houses. State government also focuses to help helpless widows. Because of it, 31573 helpless widows get helps under Vidhwa Sahayata Yojana.

This state government also start attempts to make women economically independent by doing creative works. They also do the arrangements of Rakhi Mela, Navratri Mela, Khadi and Kutir udhyog so that women can easily get the market for their products and due to this they sold goods of rs.10.81 carore. This can be possible only due to the state government’s attempt.

Under the leadership of the Chief Minister Smt. Anandiben Patel, state government take many decisions for women education and motivate them for good career. According to that Gujarat government decided, if a daughter of Gujarat clear her I.A.S. Preliminary exam she will get rs. 60000 for preparation of Main exam and rs. 30000 for interview preparation. More than this eligible girls get the scholarship from the chief minister’s Kanya Kenavani Fund from rs 10000 to rs 500000.

We can see the development of women in the vibrant Gujarat very clearly. Women are also doing the works which are hard for a man. Women of the Amadha village in kaparda taluka, district Valsad doing the best D.J. work in the marriage functions. This is the power of motivation help provided by the state government. This is the women empowerment.