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Toy Museum - Vaarso

Toy Museum - Vaarso


Founded in 2008, Vaarso Foundation ( Heritage-Culture-Tradition ) , a not-for-profit , is one of Gujarat's most respected organizations devoted to civic heritage.  The only independent, organization devoted to city-wide heritage matters we have a reputation for groundbreaking research, publications, education and outreach programs, unique events and innovative community partnerships.

Meaning of Vaarso
Vaarso is a Gujarati word from the state called Gujarat in India it is used for legacy, Inheritance, Patrimony, Heritage.

Why Vaarso
One might be able to tolerate the sight of crumbling walls but how many of us can tolerate the washing away of our culture and heritage? It’s ultimately the values and culture that a human inherits, for as we all know, the physical self is just a mirage.

Vaarso is an effort to anchor a concern to this fact of preserving not only the physical building but also the inner core of its resident. Through Vaarso, our founder Mr. Raheel Patel, wishes to bring to you a walk back into the memory lanes of our rich yet fading culture.

Join in our aim to help us keep our culture alive, for it’s our city we are talking about. Let us not be responsible for another Vaarso to happen in 2055, for the mere reason of not being able to pass this inheritance to our future generations, but let it happen if it were to celebrate the inheritance of culture.