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Sidi Sayeed Mosque

Sidi Sayeed Mosque

Sidi Sayeed Mosque


Located near LalDarwaza in Ahmedabad,SidiSaiyad Mosque is arguably one of most well-known mosques of Ahmedabad and it’s famous for ‘Tree of Life Jali’ or latticework done on the semi-circular arch-windows has come to symbolise the city and its grandeur.


SidiSaiyad mosque constructed in the year 1573, the mosque was established by SidiSayed, a slave of Sultan Ahmed Shah. SidiSayed mosque in Ahmedabad, India consists of ten semi-circular windows, the appeal of which is accentuated by the splendid mesh covering them, which is more popularly known as 'Jali'. This monument has gained a worldwide recognition, due to its splendor. This skilfully carved mosque is truly the one of its kinds in the whole world. The Jali screen windows represent the Indo-Saracenic styling, which is admired by people all over the world. Consisting of delicately carved windows, the mosque is known for its stone tracery. The construction work of the SidiSayed mosque was taken up in the last year of the Sultanate rule in Gujarat.

Architectural Style

The SidiSaiyad Mosque is built with yellow sandstone in indo-islamic style of architecture. The front of the mosque is actually fairly simple with two minarets on the sides (the minarets have fallen now and only the base exists), while the back wall is where all the jalis are. The wazu (ablution) pond is a small one, unlike the Jama Masjid. However, it still presents some interesting photographic opportunities. You can view the jalis from the front of the mosque, but if you want to take good shots, exit the mosque and go to its back side and take pictures from there. You will get much cleaner shot.

The Famous Jali

There are a total of eight arched windows which are adorned with these stone carved intricate jalis. It is believed that a total of 45 craftsmen worked on these day in and day out to finish on time. However, just when it was getting completed, Ahmedabad fell to the Mughals, and the last window in the centre of the back wall was left without a jali. We can only imagine what it would have looked it had the Mughals delayed their invasion by another year. Today one of Jali depicting the Tree of Life has become a distinguished symbol of the city of Ahmedabad. The same Jali has also been abstracted for the logo to IIM Ahmedabad.


Like all other mosque, Friday is the most important mass prayer, however, tourists are requested not make a visit at that particular time. On Sunday there are often special sessions when the youngsters come for conversations with the elders and get clarifications about the Holy book or any other doubt. The mosque opens early in the morning and closes after evening’s last namaz.