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Lal Pari Lake

Lal Pari Lake

Lal Pari Lake is a public place. People will visit with their family in this Lalpari lake so they will enjoy a very much and around this lake a Very famous Prduman park. The Lal Pari Lake of Rajkot is situated at a distance of 5 km from the city. It is one of the most popular natural locations of Rajkot.

Lal Pari Lake at Rajkot is one the most beautiful spots in Gujarat. It is famed as a popular picnic spot. The lake is the most outstanding natural spots located on Rajkot.

It is one of the most foreign natural spots on the border of the city and is a popular bird watching venue. The lakes are roosting places for different class of birds including rare migratory birds. Some of the species of birds found here include black tailed godwit, rosy pastor, pheasant tailed jacan, purple moor hen, wigeon, common teal, pelican and spoon bill.

Timing : 9 am to 6 pm

Admission Fees : Free

Lal Pari Lake and the Praduman Zoological Gardens are a recent development. Lal Pari Rajkot is beautiful site seeing of the lake view. Near that Lake it has zoo named 'Praduman Zoo and garden'. The zoo is large in size and with lots of green views. The place is famous for its garden and zoo.

It has many kind of Indian type available in this zoo. There are many people go and enjoy very much to this lake.lal pari lake is very big lake and its beautiful garden there.