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Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary

Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary

Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary

A unique eco-system a part of which is a seasonal wetland in the arid zone that play mother to 15 threatened wildlife species and encompasses desert thorn and scrub forests, dotted with several seasonal water bodies and grassy patches is popularly known as Narayan Sarovar Wildlife Sanctuary, notified as such in 1981. This exceptional eco-system supports a rich biodiversity including some rare animals and birds and rare animals and birds and rare flowering plants. Very large portion of the area of the sanctuary exhibits the edaphic climax of tropical thorn forest with tree height averaging 3 to 5 m. Major part of the sanctuary is under grassland and scrub forest.


There are 252 species of flowering plants e.g. Desibaval, gorad, hermo, ber, pilu, thor, gandobaval, gugal, salai, ingorio, kerdo, Carissa etc. ‘Gorad’ and ‘Babul’ are predominant plant species. ‘Babul’ predominates the western zone having lime stone formation, whereas ‘Gorad’ is main species in the eastern zone, which covers extensive area. Some of the patches are also planted with Prosopis in other parts of the district.


The sanctuary has all the three species of bustards – Great Indian Bustard, Houbara Bustard and Lesser Florican. Also the Black Partridge, a typical bird of desert habitat is found here. 18 species of herpetofauna, 184 birds’ species including 19 species of raptors speak high of the sanctuary. Important animals are wolf, caracal, chinkara, desert cat, Porcupine, ratel, Indian pangolin, blue bull, mongoose, hare etc.

Location    Sanctuary area
Lakhpat taluka, Kachchh district    444.23 sq. km.

Tourist Guide
Reach by air

    The Nearest airport is Bhuj (115 kms).
    Ahmedabad (515 kms. approx.)

Reach by bus

    The Nearest bus station is Dayapar (15 kms).

Reach by train

    Bhuj - 115 kms.

Best time to visit

    September to January is the best season to visit the sanctuary.

Nearest places to visit

    Kachchh Great Indian
    Bustard Sanctuary
    Matano Math temple 5 Kms.
    Koteshwar temple
    Narayan Sarovar temple
    Lakhpat Port
    Hajipir, Nakhatrana- 50 km. 100 km. from Bhuj


    Dharamshala at Matano Math
    GMDC Guest House at Panandhr
    Dharamshala at Narayan Sarovar