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Palanpur Airport

Palanpur Airport

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Deesa Airport (also spelled Disa Airport) is an airport in Deesa, Gujarat originally built to serve the princely state of Palanpur.

The airport is located at an elevation of 485 ft (148 m) above mean sea level. It has one paved runway designated 06/24 oriented by measures of 3,300 ft (1,006 m) in length with asphalt surface. The airstrip was not used for the last 2 years, due to the poor condition of the airstrip, adding that it was fit only for paragliding. The airfield was most recently used for a sky diving program in 2013.

In September 2011, A K Gogoi, Commander in Chief, South Western Air Command of the Indian Air Force announced that there was a proposal to develop Deesa Airport into a full fledged Air Base and that the Defence Ministry had approved this proposal. Deesa was chosen due to its strategic location, being close to the international border with Pakistan.

The first phase of this proposal includes spending INR 30 billion on strengthening airport infrastructure. The Airport is managed and control by Airports Authority of India (AAI). There is no scheduled commercial operations in this Airport at the moment.